Sneak Preview Of A New Synthesizer For 2009

Tom Bugs of BugBrand has shared this sneak preview of the new Weevil synth for 2009. 

“It’s like a souped-up Postcard and takes in some new design ideas I’ve been playing with through 2008,” explains Bugs. “My aim has been to create something with the power of previous big Weevils, but which is more easily replicated (to try to meet demand.”

It’s not available until Jan 2009, but here are the detail we know now.

  • Three Oscs with Lo/Hi Ranges with the usual Quasi-ringmod
  • Oscs 2 & 3 can Sync to Osc1
  • Osc1 also has a Light Sensor for pitching (switchable)
  • Power starve for the Weevil-heart – this also has a switchable Light Sensor
  • Balance Control fades between Ring1 (oscs1 & 2) and Ring2 (oscs 1 & 2 & 3)
  • Simple Tone Control
  • Output Level dial feeding a standard 1/4″ jack
  • Onboard Mini-Amp
  • 14 body contacts (gold plated!)
  • All Dials are 9mm Alps — still compact, but much sturdier than the orig. Postcard ones.

One thought on “Sneak Preview Of A New Synthesizer For 2009

  1. I have never owned a real synthesizer with real knobs! This would be a joy for meto finally get a good synth and a compact one at that. 🙂 yes, i am a bit of a nerd.
    Where may i be able to purchase this, and is it available in Canada?

    I would be greatly thankful if i could know the details on this gem!

    Thanks so much for posting this…

    my quest begins 😀

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