Ambient Glitchtronica Live Rig Features iTouch, Guitar, Speak And Spell

Brian Green posted this video, along with an in-depth description of his live ambient glitchtronica rig:

This video is to show what my live setup now looks like.

This set up consist of: 

Macbook, M-Box 2 Mini, Ableton Live 7Le, 2 Ipod Touch Units, Itouch Midi – Matrix and MCU apps Ibanez Gio Guitar, M-Audio O2 Controller, TI Speak And Spell.

Below i will explain a little more into detail of what i am doing.

In Ableton:

My set up is like this, anything running through send 1 is doubled (unless it is a live instrument), everything also runs through send 2 which is the Audio Damage – Rough Rider Compressor, In send one i am running Livecut a simple delay and a reverb the reason for doubling any track that runs through send 1 is because somethings i cut deep with Livecut and it would disturb the track from flowing smoothly if there was an abrupt audio cut out so by doing it this way it can cut as far as it will go with no problems, I am also only using 11 other built in effects and running 2 live instruments through ableton. 

In live it looks like this, there are 14 lanes, 4 melody lanes 2 main 2 clones, 4 texture lanes 2 main 2 clones, 2 lanes for beats 1 main 1 clone ( i very rarely use drums) and 2 for gear and then the 2 lanes for the sends and thats it.

Note: for a good example of what happens when you cut really deep with my set up go to 6:25 in the video if i did not have the back layer behind that it would not work and throw it off this is why i clone everything that runs through send one.


My O2 is set up to work mainly with effects i have the first 4 knobs set up so that each knob controls 8 points on Livecut so between them i can control all 32 points at the same time if i choose, the other 4 knobs are distributed between other various effects. The keys also turn on and off effects.

Itouch Apps:

MCU: Is one of the itouch apps i am using i run Mcu on the itouch that is right near the pickups i use the sliders on it to control knobs on effects for the guitar.

Matrix: is the app im running on the ipod that is near the bottom of the guitar it is a bunch off buttons that are used to turn on and off effects for the guitar.

Live Gear:

The Guitar, This is just used to create extra texture and back layer parts i just use it to add that extra sound im looking for in the background, it runs about 50% through send 1 and has a few other effects on it as well.

The speak and spell is running through line 2 of my Mbox and it is running about 75% through send 1 and all the way through 2 it also has a few more effects on its channel.

Check out Green’s YouTube channel for more demos of unusual gear.

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