Dana Countryman’s Ondes Martenot Ring Controller Project

In this video, Dana Countryman gives an overview of his very cool DIY Ondes Martenot Ring Controller project:

I’m building a Ring Controller, in the style of a vintage Ondes Martenot, to control my modular synthesizer. Here is the first video, showing my progress, so far.

I’m controlling a synthesizers.com Q125 Signal Processor, which in turn, is controlling an oscillator on the big synth.

This is a work in progress, and I’m continuing to complete this instrument.
Another video will follow this one, when it is completed.

Countryman has toured with French electronic musician Jean-Jacques Perrey, and is helping to keep happy Moog music alive.

One thought on “Dana Countryman’s Ondes Martenot Ring Controller Project

  1. Thanks for this! I am a musician who got intrigued by hearing Messiaen’s “Turangalla Symphony” and just really wanted to find out what made the Ones tick. Your video satisfied me fully!
    Roger Conner

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