An Interview With The Creator Of Smule’s Ocarina

This interview by Mark Mosher of ModulateThis features Dr. Ge Wang, CTO and Co-founder of – the makers of iPhone apps Sonic Lighter and Ocarina.

Wang is also an assistant professor at Stanford at the Center for Computer Research in Music an Accoustics and founding director of the Stanford Laptop Orhcestra.

In Part 1, above, Dr. Wang discuss the iPhone as an app platform, how constraint drives innovation, and his vision of how technology can bring us closer together.

In Part 2, below, Dr. Wang discusses how people are using Ocarina and how Ocarina has brought music to the disabled. He also discusses the future of the Ocarina and Smule, and what it’s like to be “Smulian”.

Mosher’s interview highlights that there’s a lot more the Ocarina app’s success than just letting people play tunes on their iPhone.

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