2009 NAMM Show Report: Day 1

The 2009 Winter NAMM Show is underway, and Synthtopia is on site to bring you the news about the latest electronic music software and gear. 

Day 1 was a whirlwind of announcements. We’ve already posted news about:

Celemony demonstrated the latest Melodyne, easily some of the coolest technology at the show, which lets you edit polyphonic audio files.

And we’ve seen more than our share of NAMM oddities:

We’ll have more news throughout the day, so check back throughout the weekend for complete NAMM coverage!

2 thoughts on “2009 NAMM Show Report: Day 1

  1. Day one…. I discovered the newer version of the Moog Voyager, I finally got to demo one, it is in my opinion the most expressive and exciting synth I have played in a very long time. There were a couple others, but the Voyager w/ the xy pad is the top one. I played the Voyager for about an hour on the first day….I also dig the hell out of the Theremin controller hooked up to the synth, amazing and inspirational. Moog rocks. Access had a nice booth too, but nothing too new. Many synths set up for playing, lots of cool people hanging out there too. Every time I walked through the Access booth those white string things kept catching my hair. Nice stuff, but I already like the T1. Many analog synths from smaller companies, some of them a little bit interesting, others not so much. Some of the ‘exotic’ synth stuff was a bit too ‘novelty’ for me.

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