Fast Keyboard Synth Shredding Solo, With Arpeggios

In case you didn’t get enough shredding from Maybe The Best Electronic Keyboard Training Video Ever, here’s some fast keyboard synth shredding with arpeggios. 

via TonsOfChill:

I thought that it would be worth mentioning that this keyboard patch/sound is NOT “monophonic” which means that you can only play a single note/strike on the keyboard at a time. That is how a player gets the “hammer on” sound of a guitar on a keyboard (Van Halen/Malmsteen).

You have to play with better technique to get the fingering crystal clear when using a polyphonic patch/sound as I am using here in this video. Regardless, this is a quick solo, at first I wanted to see how my technique was on camera and then thought it was cool enough to post after checking it out. If people dig it then I’ll do some more, maybe something more on the funk/blues side.

Do you dig it?

2 thoughts on “Fast Keyboard Synth Shredding Solo, With Arpeggios

  1. That's just amazing , friend! I really wish I could play that fast, and moreover achieve that accuracy.
    But I have one question, which always annoys me: is it possible to remain unbiased to all scales?
    What I mean to ask you is whether it is possible to play on the C# minor(or any minor of a sharp) scale with the same speed that you play with on the minor scale of a neutral note?

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