9 thoughts on “Controlling Ableton Live with Native Instruments Maschine

  1. Doesn’t seem to be a way to control plugin settings though, so I’d consider this more of a bonus for maschine owners than a real replacement for an APC40

  2. Can easily map your own template to control plugin settings in ableton. As to it being a replacement for APC40, I agree, but it is an entirely different beast, and there are a few benefits to the maschine controller, such as pressure sensitive pads and being able to switch templates on the fly (one template for ableton, a different for your plugin, another for a different plugin, and then use it in Maschine mode, for exampe). In an ideal world, I’d have both Maschine and APC40 though.

    In the meantime, I have it, and am using it to control Live, works a treat so far.

  3. I think i'll get an APC40 first, i have an MPD32 and can use that to trigger tracks but the no of banks arent enough, i need more to do live stuff, like apc40's unlimited amount. my mpd works atm for the type of stuff that the maschine is doing so i'm not too troubled about not having it yet, will wait til its down a little more in price.

  4. You ought to just sack up and buy Maschine now, the price isnt going to drop any time soon…with the constant software and library updates the price can only go up.

    As of now you get a 6gigabyte library of awesome sounds/samples/etc. AND it can control live, COP THAT SHIT MANG!

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