Sound Lab Mini-Synth Overview

This is an demo video for the Music From Outer Space Sound Lab mini-synth.

This project is fun for someone with intermediate to advanced electronics skills who wants to make cool sounds. It makes a great first synth project, but is interesting enough for the seasoned synth person, too.

via YpsiSynth:

A few things and some with the SoundLab.

I am building 5 like this one, a black faced, 3 white faced, and a black yellow (EDP WASP look)faced.

This is built into a Polycase ABS case. Runs off an AC adapter (included).

I’m very impressed with the tracking of these synths when Tuned correctly.

Mostly all 1% resistors used throughout. Nice smooth 24mm Alpha pots give a great feel to the knob action.

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