Free Software Synthesizer – Mr. Alias 2

Mr. Alias 2 is a free software synthesizer for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Mr. Alias 2 uses non band-limited oscillators which can be transposed near to and beyond the Nyquist frequency, causing most of their spectra to be aliased back into audible non-harmonic frequencies. The sound can then be further processed by a number of crude “effects.”

Though it is based on the same concept as the original, Mr. Alias 2 is completely rewritten for cross-platform compatibility, and has a number of significant improvements.

Mr. Alias 2 is free, it’s got a “wack” user interface and is available as a VST plugin for Windows (32-bit), Mac OS X (Universal Binary), and Linux (x86), and as an Audio Unit for Mac OS X.

Preview the sound of Mr. Alias 2 below:


Download Mr. Alias 2 from the thepiz site.

If you’ve used Mr. Alias 2, leave a comment with your thoughts/ratings!

Some feature highlights:

  • 2 oscillators
  • 18 waveforms
  • Full stereo processing
  • 6 filter types including a formant filter
  • Filter envelope
  • External audio processing (no need to hire Butch Vig)
  • Patch randomizer button
  • Highly configurable MIDI control with MIDI learn
  • MIDI-controllable patch morphing
  • Included bank of 128 presets, including some by waka x
  • Drag & drop preset and MIDI map loading
  • “Wack” GUI

Be sure to read the manual to understand all the special hidden features.

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