Videographic Modulations For Meditation And Visualisation

Videographic Modulations for Meditation and Visualisation – music and visualizations by Jeffrey Siedler, from 1995.

via JeffreyPlaide:

Shortened from its original 21-minute version, this work is a visual and aural meditation.

The abstract images were intended to instill a calm, giving the mind a focus, much as would be accomplished by focusing on a mandala. The ambient music underlying the imagery was composed to create a relaxation of the body and is of a suitably unearthly surreal quality to bring about an aural complement to the animated visuals.

The images and music represent levels that transcend the world of appearances, the world of this reality. The images describe the harmonic patterns of the natural universe.

Created by analogue video synthesis, the imagery results in a complex cascade of dynamic modulating waveforms.

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