Future Phone Lets You Edit Music


Design firm Pilotfish has announced plans for an advanced music phone, Ondo, that will let you record and edit music on the go:

Pilotfish said its concept — which will reach the market a few years from now at the earliest — will enable good quality recording of three separate sound tracks and allow editing of the music by physically twisting and bending the phone.

The phone’s main touch-screen, which is similar to today’s folder phones, consists of three ‘sticks’ that can be removed and separately clipped onto a musical instrument or a person to capture live sound.

According to Pilotfish, the music phone should be “should be available in 2-3 years.”

More on Ondo here.

Would you be interested in a dedicated music phone?

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One thought on “Future Phone Lets You Edit Music

  1. *shakes head at first comment* only thing he got right is if it looked lik that it prob wouldnt sell i use ablenton myself the concept of you having to bend the found to effect certain things and you could change what each parameter was i mean for part of my own setup i use ablenton live and a acess virus ti and just with that sequencer and synth i can already do a whole lot but if you made it similiar to an h2 recorder and it had a nice mic and so send in and out it might do better

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