Free MP3 Monday Madness

AnalogSuicide’s Tara Busch has started a new project, Free MP3 Monday, to highlight great indie electronic music. Here’s what she’s got in mind:

Use the wonderful audio file sharing network, to send me your MP3s. The Dropbox is on the top left of Analogsuicide. Click there, follow the instructions for uploading your file.

I will post my pick of the URLs on Twitter and for people to listen to & scoop up as they please. Note: the more drenched in bleeping, blipping, screeching, trippy, synth – drenched loveliness, the better!

She has featured some very nice music already, including her own cover of Our House (Madness), above; an experimental ambient techno track from Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn, below; and an ambient soundscape from Moog’s Chris Stack, bottom.

Don’t miss Synthtopia’s music sharing group, too!

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