Control Your Synthesizer With A Theremin

Mondo Modular Episode 9: Scooter McCrae demonstrates controlling a modular synthesizer with a Moog theremin.

via scootermccrae:

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen — this latest episode is presented via the miracle of SUPER-THEREMIN-ATION — a process that allows the viewer to see for the very first time exactly what is going on INSIDE of a Theremin while the performer is playing. Literally no expense has been spared to bring this technological innovation to the forefront so that you, dear observer, can experience the awe and mystery, the thrills and chills, of having the sounds of the Theremin come to life as if it were in your very own lap!

Enjoy, and don’t say you weren’t warned when the miracle of SUPER-THEREMIN-ATION materializes and dances right before your disbelieving yet awestruck eyes.

2 thoughts on “Control Your Synthesizer With A Theremin

  1. Actually, you'd look no more silly than a conductor before a symphony. Indeed, you are conducting sound via circuitry with your body. Very cool! Thermin has a lot of potential as a controller and with a few foot pedals one could do some dazzling work, aye? It'd be like dancing the music.

    What you don't see though is the hugh pod of humpbacks gathering near his backyard.

  2. "Next week – control your pianoforte with a sackbut!"

    All good fun, but fear not, dear impoverished friends – there are no sounds here that you couldn't make with a cheap theremin (real, not one of those so-called "optical theremins") and a reasonably-priced digital guitar multi-effects pedal. We'll be doing that at Hands Off 2009 in August, and I expect Gordon will post some examples afterwards.

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