Good Night, States Wants You To Come To Their Show And Get Your Synth On

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band Good Night, States wants you to come to their next show, bring your iPhone and get your synth on:

At the next Good Night, States show (and beyond), you (the show attendee) will have the opportunity to participate in the performance!

Steve has programmed a bank of sounds for the iPhone/iPod Touch synth app. This bank of sounds, combined with the audio interface that will be at the front of the stage, will allow you to play along with the band.

Steve has posted instructional videos and written out instructions for how to use the app at the shows. You can view/download the instructions here. You can view the instructional videos here, here, and here.

Don’t miss the bands’ Jupiter 6-themed Web site, too. Check out the upcoming shows here.

4 thoughts on “Good Night, States Wants You To Come To Their Show And Get Your Synth On

  1. twonk – sorry if you hate the iPhone apps – but this is an important area of electronic music development, whether or not it's one that you are involved in.

    I'd encourage you to continue to offer feedback on any posts that you think are a waste of your time and on posts that you really like, because the feedback is helpful.

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