3 thoughts on “LPK25 Portable MIDI USB Keyboard Video Demo

  1. who the hell needs "extreme portability" ?, its just a stupid selling argument, and the product is just another crappy piece of garbage that nobody needs.

  2. For extreme portability, I'll still take my nanoKey any day, since this Akai looks to be over an inch thick and would cause quite a bulge in my laptop case! Sure, its keys are more "real," but since the nanoKey isn't intended to replace my regular keyboard, I'll stick with the nano's chicklet keys and its more slim profile.

    That doesn't mean the Akai sucks, is crappy or useless; it's just different from the Korg. Better? For Everyone? Of course not… it's a niche product, but at that price point, Akai –like Korg– will sell a ton of 'em… to quite of few "nobodies" as well!

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