The GotharMusic deMOON Synthesizer

This is a video demo of the GotharMusic deMOON synthesizer.


The deMOON is an affordable 4 note polyphonic filterbank synthesizer with built-in granulator and distortion effects, step-sequencer and note randomizer. Small and compact in size with a great sound. Four oscillator’s and four LFO’s with continuously variable waveforms and four resonant multimode filters that can be parallel/serial connected how you like.


  • 4 voices with each 1 oscillator or 1 voice with 4 oscillators in unison mode.
  • Oscillators has continuously variable and modulatable waveforms.
  • 4 resonant multimode filters (lpf/bpf/hpf) that are separately programmable and each can be parallel or serial connected to each other.
  • Distortion effect with 5 different types.
  • Granulator effect build in.
  • 4 LFO\rquote s with continuously variable and modulatable waveforms.
  • 2 envelopes.
  • Note randomizer.
  • 32-step step sequencer.
  • Most parameters can be controlled by a midi-controller.
  • Small and compact.
  • Memory: 128 sounds and sequences.
  • Output: 16-bit delta-sigma with 256x oversampling.

PRICE: €250

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One thought on “The GotharMusic deMOON Synthesizer

  1. This synth is great. I bought one a few weeks ago, and am absolutely loving it. It has a great original way of routing the sound within the filters with all sorts of feedback, panning options which makes for fantastically complex sythesis. The voices sound great, and it maps easily to any midi controller in case you were worried about the lack of controllers. The note randomiser is also very handy the humanising sequences and chopping up beats (especially with the audio in option.
    Highly recommended!

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