Flavio Rodriguez’s Eléctrico Is Either Awesome Or Puke-tacular


Video of the new song Eléctrico of Flavio Rodriguez, presented by Little Red Corvette Records and Pressrec productions.

This is either puke-tacular or awesome.

The extreme over-the-top retro cheesiness – combining everything that was bad about the 80s with everything that’s bad with current pop music, along with the gratuitous keytarage, is making me lean towards awesome, though.

Let me know what you think! Awesome or puke-tacular?

7 thoughts on “Flavio Rodriguez’s Eléctrico Is Either Awesome Or Puke-tacular

  1. the 80's – Gooood…..
    Auto-Tune abuse – Baaaaad….
    Chickiepoos dancing… Gooood….
    Bald Rick Astley dancing in a fuchsia sports jacket – Baaaaaad…

  2. He walks a fine line, but for me, he pulled it off, though it may be because I was at a friends 40th birthday party, which had an 80's theme, so I may still be feeling a bit nostalgic.

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