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Quixonic has released a new DJ application for iPhone and iPod Touch, Quixpin DJ (App Store link). The app translates the concept of a two-channel DJ mixer into a multi-touch environment.

The above demo is from the DJ’s perspective. See below for another video from the “dance floor” perspective.


Quixpin DJ has two notable limitations: the two channels of audio offered by the iPhone and an inability to access the iTunes music library. These limitations aren’t specific to Quixpin DJ, though, but are a reflection of Apple’s iPhone design decisions.

Quixonic works around the lack of iTunes music library access by letting you upload songs into Quixpin DJ. It works around the limitation of two channels of audio by treating the left and right channels as independent mono channels.

In spite of its limitations, though, Quixpin is a milestone in mobile electronic music.

It’s a real DJ app that demonstrates that the iPhone is viable as a platform for DJing. It also demonstrates that there are usability benefits to a multitouch screen.

Extrapolate out from this a year, and it’s likely that we’re going to have some very powerful iPhone DJ apps available.

Let’s hope that Apple sees this as an important development direction to support and opens up the OS to let developers make the iPhone a full-fledged DJ platform.

More details on Quixpin DJ below.

If you’ve used Quixpin DJ, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Quixpin gives DJs of all levels everything they need to mix music with their iPhone or iPod Touch. It has the capability to simultaneously play two digital audio files at once using its dual decks, and then mix them with its digital mixer. It also contains a number of innovative features unique to mobile platforms including a multi-touch graphical audio view that allows users to scrub through, speed up, and slow down tracks using swipe and pinch gestures.

Quixpin’s two channel mixer offers a 3-band parametric EQ, faders, and the ability to cue a track in one channel while the master is playing in the other. This is accomplished by splitting the stereo channel into two independent mono channels. All a DJ needs is their headphones or a commonly available and inexpensive stereo splitter cable if they wish to hook up to a sound system.

Quixpin is available now for $6.99.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Quixpin is the result of a long time dream of ours to be able to have the DJ experience wherever we go. So to be considered a milestone is an incredible compliment to the hard work we put into making it a reality. We think that there has been an incredible amount of innovation when it comes to audio experiences on the iPhone, and we hope that we can continue to contribute to that trend.

    Thanks again,

    – George McMullen
    Founder, Quixonic

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