How To Use A Cat To Control Your Synthesizers

Sunday Synth Jam: Stuck for ideas? Can’t get people to jam with you?

Then you might want to try out ChrisLody‘s strange experimental ideas – the cat-controlled synth jam:

The keyboard at the top of the screen (a Yamaha SY-35) is midi’d into the lower keyboard (a Novation KS-5). The KS-5 is programmed with a simple arpeggio patch I created which can be played from the SY-35.

Then I covered the keys of the SY-35 with cat biscuits and let my kitten Daisy loose on it. I was then able to control some aspects of the sound with conrols on the KS-5.

I think she got wise to me about half way through as she stopped standing on the keys.

Damn kitty!

Of course – teach a cat to control your synthesizer and they’ll go on to control your sequencer….and then the world!

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