The Eigenharp, A New Electronic Musical Instrument

This is a teaser video for the Eigenlabs Eigenharp.

The teaser video showcases the sexy construction; the video below shows the bizarre Eigenharp in action on a cover of Moby‘s take on the classic James Bond Theme:

If you’ve seen the Eigenharp in action or had some hands-on time, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

According to Eigenlabs:

Eigenlabs has spent the last seven years developing a revolutionary new electronic musical instrument, the Eigenharp. A musical instrument more advanced, more expressive and more flexible than anything you have ever seen.

14 thoughts on “The Eigenharp, A New Electronic Musical Instrument

  1. They shoulda called it the Electrobo cause the moutpiece makes it look like an obo…
    probably not the most glamorous reference… but then neither is a harp… so I suppose paying homage to the boss wins out in the end huh…

  2. WHEN CAN YOU BUY THIS?!?!? I will pay whatever i have to to get my hands on one, this is one of the greatest instruments I have ever seen and it's uses in both playing a wide variety of musical pieces to adding great runs in techno music are almost limitless. Please, when is it's public release date or is there one?

  3. There wasn’t a middle one 14 weeks ago when I commented, but now there is a Tau, closer to alpha in functionality and size, closer to pico in design cues. £1800 and it’s yours from May. Perhaps they’ll have the windows software to drive it by then too. I can see myself getting one around xmas and passing the Pico to my nephew and niece.

  4. Im so inpressed with the new electronic insturments every thing is digital I remember my first snythesizer a Moog Prodigy things have changed alot I hope to be cutting a cd soon. watch for it thanks Jim Dakis

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