Realtime Electronic Percussion Jam

Blue Couch Dog: Realtime Percussion Jam

via dr2050productions:

Live on-the-spot improvisation using timpani, Java drum, and an FM8. Everything is controlled in realtime. I’m using a Zendrum LT, a Novation Zero SL with various pedals, and a plastic white 13″ Macbook (with 4GB of RAM). On the software side, it’s all Ableton LIve and various Native Instruments plugins, including two Battery 3 instances and two FM8 instances.

I’m trying to show some of the subtlety and breadth of both the Zendrum and the virtual super-instrument that I’ve created. The ideas fall apart too fast and I think I get into distorted noise a bit too much, but who knows. Anyway, download the adjusted MP3 at (it’s Blue Couch Dog).

Only I hear the click.

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