Reason 4 Tutorial: Using Thor As A Switchable Filter

This three-part Propellerhead Reason 4 tutorial looks at using Thor as a switchable filter.

via SirSedricMusic:

This is a quick look at using the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer as a Switchable Filter in Reason 4, using Combinator assignments.

To save time, I’m assuming you already know a thing or two about Reason;

1) You know how to create Combinators and assign Reason controls to hardware controls.

2) You know how to route devices within a Combinator.

3) You have a general understanding of the principles which drive Reason.

If you don’t know any of these things, do some searching. There are many great tutorials out there, and with a little patience you’re sure to find some to get you started. Try the PropellerheadsSW channel, they have some decent stuff to get you started.

In this particular tutorial I’m using a ReDrum as the audio source for simplicities sake. I’m just trying to give everyone a good idea of the concept behind this so we can cover some more interesting and fun stuff in parts 2 and 3.

My apologies in advance for the noisy audio, I had to record this using my built-in mic. Future tutorials will have better audio, I promise.

-008’s Vinyl Crates Refill (where I got the drum sounds in this video) –…

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