Wiard / Malekko Anti Oscillator Sounds

This is a demo video for the Wiard / Malekko Anti Oscillator.

Details below.

via bigcitymusic:

Okay. Finally! Not a very musical sequence but we’re just trying to show off all of the incredible sounds the AO does. For a second we had it sounding like a violin! You can also hear a short envelope with some serious FM’ing by the Cwejman sine. We’re using just the AO, the Borg as a VCA and an Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer and rs130 PSG as a quantizer and a Cwejman sine wave for modulation. At times it sounds like there’s a filter but there’s not! The AO has a 1volt/octave input as well as exponential, linear and wave envelope inputs which reveals some super awesome FM sounds. For the money and high-quality build the AO is a no brainer. And it sounds fantastic!

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