Electronic Music For Sex

sexy-electronic-musicAskMen.com, who apparently think that they are authorities on these things, have recommendations for Music That Enhances Sex.

They include these recommendations for Electronic Music For Sex:

If you like to chill out and go through various speeds and tempos while doing the deed, then this music will serve to give you and your girl exactly what you’re looking for. This music, along with a good bottle of wine, can turn your session into something hypnotic.

Cafe Del Mar Volumen Once
Paris Under A Groove – Stylistique Vol. 1

Considering you’re doing your own horizontal dance, listening to some soft, original dance music will serve to make her sway her hips more so on your penis. Personally, I think this is the best kind of music to have sex to.

Beautiful Tomorrow – Blue Six
Nude Tempo 1 – Muguel Migs
Penetrate Deeper (Reis) – Deep Dish
Addictive Beats – Saeed & Palash

Never mind the horrifically bad commentary – Sex advice FAIL!

Perhaps Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder’s I Feel Love?  Klaus Schulze’s Body Love soundtrack? Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love?

I don’t claim any special expertise in this area – but I expect that Synthtopia readers can do a lot better than AskMen’s cheesy advice.

Got a recommendation? Leave a comment below!

15 thoughts on “Electronic Music For Sex

  1. early Telefon Tel Aviv. Sound In A Dark Room, or The Sky Is Black. Really anything from their Fahrenheit Fair Enough album.

  2. Kota – Medeski Martin and Wood remixed by Dan the Automater. You won’t find it under his name because MMW produced it and put out on their Remixolarians album.

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