Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio

Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio: Wormhole Voyage #1

This crystal radio in a jam jar is able to “receive” a moving computer screen-saver, and respond with rich real-time sound effects!

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio’s sensitive antennas pick up on the RF emanations of the computer screen. The crystal circuit delivers an audio signal to the computer, where the software Audio Hijack Pro increases gain and alters the pitch in real time.

Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio build instructions here.

via MrfixitRick:

This screensaver example shows a journey across Hyperspace and back through Wormholes. All sounds are generated in real-time by the radio and software.

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio recently won the Gadget Freak award by Design News, the oldest engineering news magazine: http://www.designnews.com/article/355607-Gadget_Freak_Case_149_Spirit_Radio_Receives_Transmissions_from_the_Beyond.php?nid=2337&rid=2391660

For more on EJ Gold’s wonderful Spirit Radios: http://www.yoyodyneindustries.comand http://www.brane-power.com/

Get EJ Gold’s awesome book, “Parallel Worlds Explored”: http://www.idhhb.com/parallelworldsexplored.html

Check out mrfixitrick’s Spirit Radio playlist: http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=AFEC01FF72B51D45

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