Voltage Controlled Passacaglia For Moog Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Voltage Controlled Passacaglia, Pages 1 & 2, by Paul Hembree (Premiere)

Performed on the CRuNCh lab 1972 Moog Modular synthesizer, with video projection of an attached oscilloscope.

Executed from a score with parametric envelopes assigned to different performers. Rough synchronization is achieved with stop-watches, and four short sections in the piece (each about a minute long) allow for some controlled improvisation.

Paul Hembree, Chris Rippey, Steve Snowden, and Curtis Peel, performers.


Voltage Controlled Passacaglia, Pages 3 & 4, by Paul Hembree

via PHIntermedia:

Can anyone figure out what the ground-bass theme is?

Also thanks to Brandon Vaccaro and Sean Brady for help with the MAX panning patch (the only digital aspect of the work… sadly we didn’t have enough voltage controlled amplifiers, nor enough mixer channels on the Moog to produce 4 channel spatizalization).

This has been on MySpace video for a while because they do not have a ten minute time limit. However, I figured I should expose this work to YouTube, so I cut the piece in half and I’m posting both chunks.

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