Penthouse Cinema To Feature Futuristic iPhone-Controlled Surround Video

NSFW: This Wired feature takes a look at a new 360-degree interactive video system that media lab Obscura Digital is creating to install in a Las Vegas penthouse.

The technology looks amazing – but it looks like the content they are preparing for the penthouse cinema install is pretty dumbed-down and sexist. That may be perfect for a Las Vegas install – but I’d like to see a system like this configured to create cutting edge generative graphics, based on music – something like the psychedelic graphics of Glenn Marshall. That would create an incredible dance environment.

Give this a look and leave a comment with your thoughts. Is there a future for this technology, beyond 80’s video graphics and dancing girls?

2 thoughts on “Penthouse Cinema To Feature Futuristic iPhone-Controlled Surround Video

  1. hi there, i'm the guy being interviewed in this video. i see this platform has having a lot of potential. the graphics in this video were literally temporary placeholder graphics to get the system up and running, but even so, you're right about the las vegas part: the client had very specific ideas about what kind of environment they wanted to create.

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