New LividStep Step Sequencer

Here’s a little Ableton Live 8 sexiness: The Livid guys put together this demo video for LividStep – a step sequencer built in Max For Live:

This details the major functions of Livid’s Max For Live device, LividStep, including playback, how to: add and change sequences, control timing, navigate Live, and control instruments, all from the Livid controller.

The device works in Ableton Live with Livid ohm64 and block MIDI controllers. The device creates an eight step sequencer on one row of the 64 button grid. Fill eight live tracks with eight devices to fill the grid. Each sequence has independent time control for a huge variety of rhythmic possibility.

And, if you make it to the end, yes, the irritation at those who don’t use a Livid controller is real and palpable 🙂

Here’s what Livid has to say about part 2:

First, I show the simple adjustment needed to make LividStep, a max for live device, work with the Livid block controller. Next, I demonstrate the loop recording and playback feature that adds free-form loops to any given step sequence. Don’t just stand there, step out!

Via LividInstruments

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