Little Boots Is Cool Again, Builds A DIY Laser Harp

We liked Little Boots before she was cool and then she got cool and….then she wasn’t so cool any more.

But now she’s building a laser harp – so she’s cool again.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary of Little Boots on her quest to build a Laser Harp to use on tour.

To see the full documentary, you have to be a member at her site….which isn’t so cool.

8 thoughts on “Little Boots Is Cool Again, Builds A DIY Laser Harp

  1. I guess the thing about marketing is that one knows when one is *not* being targeted. Which is fine if the figures stack up but for those outside the target market the opposite occurs: *alienation*. It's a bit like being forced to watch children's television. Not this video, just the whole concept. I like music. I like to listen to it. I like other musicians. I'd just prefer it if the money men left their gallumphing great muddy boots outside.

  2. Wooo, a cute blonde playing with lasers and wielding an Antex soldering iron. Works for me!

    I hope the result works better than Jean-Michel Jarre's one. But then, he's probably useless with a soldering iron.

  3. Well, to give credit where it's due, at least she didn't get where she is merely by being a cute blonde. Although, true, she is a cute blonde…
    But what I find so irritating, or depressing, is that she genuinely has talent and skill and dedication and musicality and then I see her slowly but surely transformed into a plasticky, gimmicky, shove-'er-down-yer-throat, product.

    1. “Well, to give credit where it’s due, at least she didn’t get where she is merely by being a cute blonde”

      … That’s right, she mostly got famous of the back of the piece of crap Tenori-on that everyone was (laser) harping on about at the time. You’d have thought she’d have learned not to rely on cheap gimmicks, but then – I can totally understand why she does.

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