Free Music Sequencer For Linux, MusE

MuseE, a free music sequencer fo Linux, is now available.

According to its developers, MuseE it marks the culmination of 10 years of feature packed and bug ridden development towards the goal of making a good platform for creating music on the Linux platform.


More details below. Download at the muse-sequencer site.

Features include:

  • Automation system for both midi and audio (old school for audio, ie no graphs)
  • Audio mixer
    • LADSPA effects on all track types, before or after fader
    • VST effects through DSSI-VST LADSPA extension
    • Stereo/Mono tracks
  • Definition of midi instruments through instrument definition files (*.idf)
  • Userdefinable shortcuts for most things
  • Drag and drop import of midi/wave/part/ files and plugin presets
  • Drag and drop plugin copying
  • Standard midifile (smf) import-/export
  • RTC (Real time clock) use for rock solid timing, fallback to alsa timer.
  • Arranger view with track and part abstractions.
  • midi editors:
    • Pianoroll editor,
    • Drum editor,
    • List editor,
    • Controller editor
  • Realtime editing of “everything”
  • Unlimited number of open editors
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Realtime and step-recording of midi
  • Multiple midi devices
  • Unlimited number of tracks, both midi and audio
  • Sync to external and internal devices/applications:
    • MMC
    • Midi Clock
    • Master/Slave
    • Jack transport
  • DSSI softsynth support
    • Including support for Windows VSTi through DSSI-VST
  • Integrated softsynth architecture M.E.S.S
    • Several internal synths available
    • Simple architecture for adding more synths
  • LASH enabled (formerly LADCCA)
  • Raw midi device usage through ALSA
  • XML based project files
  • XML based configuration files
  • project file contains complete app state (session data)
  • Application spanning Cut/Paste Drag/Drop
  • remote control Python interface
  • uses C++, QT3.x GUI Library, STL
  • GPL Licenced

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