Hammond Novachord, The First Synthesizer, Now Available As A Virtual Instrument


Hollow Sun has introduced Novachord – the first and only soundset from the legendary Hammond Novachord:

Using divide-down oscillators (the world’s first?), the Novachord was fully polyphonic. These pass through resonators, hi-and lo-pass filters and a simple but effective envelope shaper. What is particularly impressive is that the Novachord had LFOs and envelope shapers for every one of its 72-notes so that the instrument was TOTALLY polyphonic!

This is actually very impressive as even string synths 40 years its junior such as the ARP Omni, Moog PolyMoog, etc., were paraphonic – i.e. all voices sharing a single LFO/envelope. This means that combined with the huge polyphony, six octaves and a superb sustain control, you can combine massive chords and arpeggios with no chance of note stealing. The electronic architecture that makes this possible is beautifully elegant too.

It also has vibrato but not like the type found on analogue synths – instead, the modulation is polyphonic which imparts a rich ensemble effect to its sounds.

Hollow Sun sampled one of the few remaining Novachords. See the site for demos – they sound amazing, especially when you consider that they are from a 70 year old synthesizer.

Novachord is available for Kontakt 3 for $160.

2 thoughts on “Hammond Novachord, The First Synthesizer, Now Available As A Virtual Instrument

  1. WTF is a 'virtual instrument" …thats pretty much like an "air guitar' right? you put on a recording of an actual guitar and pretend to play it, but actually the sound was initiated when you pressed a button on a device which plays back a "sample" of guitar sounds…..sounds really F-ING STUPID to me

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