How To Draw A Working Modular Synth Controller

This video demonstrates how to draw a working modular synthesizer controller, using a modified adafruit Drawdio with a Blacet/Metalbox/Wiard/Cynthia Frac format modular synthesizer system.

Details on the patch below.

via OculoRapido:

Drawdio equipped with a 1/8″ mini phone jack output and connected to an insulated 5.6 mm clutch lead holder (mechanical pencil) and a graphite starting patch on a Circa sketch book paper sheet. Drawdio output patched to Blacet 2225 I/O, to Klang Werk to Time Machine to Wiard Borg Filter, with I/O gate to Blacet EG1 ADSR.

Drawdio patch mixed with Dronespace voices via Blacet 2200 VCA Quad Mix (see Dronespace videos info).

Thanks to Ladyada Limor Fried and her crew at adafruit industries, and (as always) to John Blacet, Michael Ford, Grant Richter, and Cynthia Webster for their fine modular designs.

Produced by Doktor Bob at Rapid Eye Audiolabs.

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