Modular Synthesizer Jam

Here’s something to get the week off to a good start – a modular synthesizer jam. Details on the synths and patching below.

via J0hannesVw:

String sound: OB-12 in slow arpeggio mode
Bass sound 1: Sine VCO sequenced by Baby 10 sequencer and squared up by MFOS ringmod and filtered by MFOS 24dB/Oct LPF
Bass sound 2: Same sine VCO as Bass sound 1 but overdriven by MFOS VCA
Drums: Tr-606
Delay: Reel-to-reel taperecorder
Lead: Two MFOS VCO (saw waveforms) to the MFOS 12dB/Oct SVF in Lowpass mode (Highpass output inversed and fed back to the input) controlled by the MFOS dual AR generator in different modes.

Don’t mind the sloppy “solo”.

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