Use An iPad Like An MPC With Propellerhead Record

This Propellerhead Record tutorial  demonstrates a TouchOSC drum pad interface on the Apple iPad, configured to trigger a Redrum Drum Machine in Propellerhead Record + Reason.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Patch details below.

via PeffTV:

Transport and effect mapping make programming and live tweaking a breeze. Interfaced via wifi and translated to MIDI with Osculator:
Propellerhead Record+Reason:
MPC Samples:

I’m no Jeremy Ellis on the MPC, but i wouldn’t want to kick, beat, and elbow the iPad:

Check out Kurt Kurasaki’s site to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

6 thoughts on “Use An iPad Like An MPC With Propellerhead Record

  1. TouchOSC is amazing. You can do anything. You can design any midi controller you want…

    However it would be nice if some new features could me added

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