6 thoughts on “Cool Hardware For Sound Design

  1. NB: Musician and sound designer AND Open Labs employee. He's in their sales video.

    Nice piece of furniture that thing.
    Not sure I get it though: it's a Windows PC with some control surfaces (touch screen and some MIDI? knobs, pads etc) and (I'm sure) a nice mutlichannel soundcard. What more is it?
    Oh, it's closed, all warranties voided if you open the casing to fix/upgrade some part.

    Both base systems and upgrade options seem to cost about 3x similar parts at the computer shop next door. There's a custom VST host and recording software. Maybe that's the magic?

  2. Some company should make a P.C. case and powersupply that houses all the components, then let user choose their own parts. I'm someone could stuff a mac mini into an old keyboard for even cheaper.

  3. Yes, the EX5 is my favorite tool for music production, too.
    But wait, my EX5 was made by Yamaha …
    Yeah, too old, but it still shines.

  4. I have this recurring thought: Combine the touch screen that is stuffed away because I don't have any use for it and the old Roland keyboard with broken sound generation and a Mac mini (which, sadly, I would have to buy) into a nice self contained sampling keyboard or whatever which could be used on stage instead of a keyboard + computer + audio interface. Maybe someday I'll do that …

  5. I can't imagine who's willing to spend so much money on this PC-keyboard thing. I mean, you'll get a Yamaha Motif XS 8 (or any other top-notch workstation) + a nice PC + some software tools for the same price.

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