What Do You Want To See In Propellerhead Reason 5?

Propellerhead Software today announced it has started beta testing for Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

According to Propellerhead – Reason 5 will be “the company’s biggest overhaul to its Record – Reason application family so far.”

Propellerhead plans to announce information on Reaason 5 and Record 1.5 each day this week:

We’ll learn more about the updates this week. But in the meantime – what do you want to see in Reason 5? And what about Record 1.5?

Pricing and availability

The release for all programs is targeted for late summer 2010. Upgrades will be handled by local distributors once new version become available. All prices remain the same, except for Reason for Record Owners, which will increase by €20/$20.

  • Record for Reason Owners Sidegrade (includes Reason 5 upgrade) EUR €149 / USD $169
  • Reason 5 Upgrade from any version EUR € 99 / USD $129
  • Record 1.5 Upgrade from any version free download
  • Record Reason Duo EUR €405 / USD $449
  • Reason 5 EUR €305 / USD $349
  • Record 1.5 EUR €279 / USD $299

60 thoughts on “What Do You Want To See In Propellerhead Reason 5?

  1. "Record" should be rolled into "Reason" as one unified Application.
    Each Synth and Effect should be available as a separate VST or AU plug-in.
    A new physical modeling synth!
    Realtime microphone input with Vocal FX Auto-tune, Voice to midi conversion, harmony & ect.
    Cross-pairing interface with iPad & iPhone.
    An iPad version (pipe-dream)

  2. Yes – forget the whole Reason + Record thing.

    What people really wanted was an enhanced Reason. Roll it together.

  3. Full working DAW with VST support and record in capabilities…Reason and Record should all be part of one product…stop trying to make more money and just give us the program as a whole!!

  4. seeing that I've weened myself off Reason and now use Live exclusively, I would like all the components available as VSTs. 😛

  5. mannn u guys are bein crazy,,,GTFO hahaha 😉

    it is already "rolled" into one program.
    no rewire.

    and what money!?!?
    you think props are trying to bilk you for $400 ?

    for that $400 you get :
    drummachines, synths, samplers, samples, arpeggiators, fx, etc etc etc…

    Do you know what $400 got you in the way of studio gear 10 years ago?
    ..Or even STILL to this day ?
    My microphone cost more than Reason does!!!!

    Never in the history of ANYTHING EVER,
    have I gotten so much bang for my buck as i have with Reason.

  6. reason has a great work flow. BUT! if they are so committed to not allowing it to have VST's, then they should introduce NEW fresh rack instruments. something like how Image Line does with FL studio. and sometimes they just don't get it. (for example). In my opinion, the new OctRex should have features enabling you to chop up Rex AND Wave sample directly in the player, this would be so efficient and cool. Most daws and workstations have had this feature to years now. because of oversights like this Reason could NEVER be my main workflow software. i use Logic Pro with reason as a sound generator. they have a great product, but they are very slow at keeping up with basic features that many producers use in all types of music. TO BAD!

  7. I would love to see a way to select a button on my controller and have it go to any instrument/track.

    example…Button 3 on my controller =Electric Piano/track.

    This way, multiple buttons can have a dedicated track/instrument.

    This would be most helpful in a live performance and while songwriting.

  8. i think they not only need new instruments but more effects and when i mean new instruments ones that actually dont sounds weak and thin i the thor may have all the parts but its not think enough and need more beefed up stuff

  9. ^

    I think needing to have recycle is sort of a kludge to keep around these days. It might kill recycle sales but that should definitely be integrated into it at least in basic functionality of chopping up samples within reason.

  10. Built in recycle, a decent reverb, better way to side chain, warping, updated instruments that don't sound like crap, one program rather than the whole record combo, updated sounds, improved sound quality.

    I love reason but it seems stuck in the nineties… It's not competitive anymore… It doesn't matter if it has tons of sounds if none of them sound as good as what is currently available…

  11. Reason/Record is awesome. The workflow is unmatched by any other program IMHO. This Dr. Octo REX looks cool. But what I REALLY want is MIDI OUT and CLOCK SYNC OUT.

  12. I'm loving what they are both doing, and the OctoRex looks great. What I need personally as a longtime Logic user is for Reason/Record to let me customize the key commands the way I want. I can't change my Logic workflow, so I mostly use Reason for sounds and writing the occasional simple track. I just can't get around the Reason sequencer fast enough. Customizable key commands and screensets would be killer for me. Love everything else about them. : >

  13. A lot of you are asking for things you just aren't gonna get, VST support being one of them.

    I agree with the need for more effects. I bet one of the new features will be a modulation effect to replace the chorus/flanger.

    And I don't know what people are talking about when they say Thor is not "thick" enough. You must just not know how to use it! Hahaha!

  14. Who cares about comparing Reason to studio gear from 10 years ago!!! Compare it to other DAWs, cos that's what it is (even if they say its not).

    Reason Record Duo is $450! Logic studio is only 50 more, and you get a LOT more for it, and room for expandability. Or how about Fruity loops. 299 for everything!

    So "bang for buck", Reason can't compete with the rest of the market.

  15. I think Jack is right about VST, however remember that we were supposedly never ever going to get audio in, either.

    So far the 2 new features revealed are interesting but hardly "massive" additions. I hope the next 3 are good – blocks are good but I have lived without them so far, and I don't use rex loops. I know some people are stoked but for me it's feeling more like Reason 4.1 than 5…

  16. maybe Thor is OK. but thats just (1) instrument, all the rest do sound very thin. and lets not forget this ALL the do. there platform is closed off, so the least they could do is make the (1) thing they do, great.

  17. blocks have been done by, Cubase and Garageband like (3) years ago. another example that the folks at propellerhead are MUCH to slow at bring out new features. all of there instruments are dated and old. and the new releases don't look very cutting edge.

  18. I'm underwhelmed… reason needs a major overhaul, and this isn't it.

    between the crappy iphone app, the record dongle thing, and separate apps for reason/record, I've had enough…

    I've been a reason user since version 1, and have watched this awesome idea become disorganized, inefficient, and sub-par…

    shit… the garageband instruments sound better now… propheads need to step up their game….

  19. i am in total and complete agreement with you. garageband is marketed toward novice band beginner users and it has more updated and better features than reason. they come out with features that are (4) to (5) years older in many daws and workstations. sad.

  20. Word.. If prop heads could JUST integrate the recycle part into record/reason as one app….that would be logical. Reason is still subpar when it comes to sound quality…something with your master buss os something….the effects are cool for beginners… The synths and samplers are seriously inferior to the likes of battery, minimonsta, massive, predator

    reason acoustic and pianos and guitars sound like a early nineties cassio cheese, the strings are grainy, headroom is garbage and the noise floor worse.

    If anyone needs proof that reason is an outdated app, just check out the new logic or able ton. If you need proof that reason sounds dirty, demo and of the new contact insruments, or check out a virus ti… It'll make you newb balls drop, sorry about spelling I'm on my iPad.

  21. DING DING DING hit that one on the nose "Vocal FX Auto-tune, — harmony & ect. " it's called
    Neptune Pitch Adjuster.

  22. I'd like to see VST hosting. And I'd like to see a high-visibility mode that increases the size on some or all features because, as things are, using Reason in my 18" laptop with 1900 x 1200 resolution, I need to use the Windows Magnifier to see things.

  23. All you guys complaining about the quality of the sound produced by Reason proboly haven’t spent quality time really going into some deep programing and learning ‘tricks’ to beef up the sound. I agree, right out of the box, most other programs sound better, but with some hard work Reason can sound increable. Record does need a lot of work to compete with the big boys but I don’t think that Record was made to compete with being the final and complete answer as a full blown production studio. As a recording ‘scract pad’ in pre production, the Reason and Record combination is perfect. I get the results I need when I work with Reason and Record and when I want to really ‘get down’ and create, finalize and produce my master, I take my project created with Reason and Record to highly professional engineers and top flight studios to use as a guide for what I want my song to sound like. I’m a professional and can not afford to waste any time in the studio and make music not only for the love of music but for the money.

  24. I'm a very happy user of reason 4.0 .. truly a masterpiece because it's stable, it's easy, lot's of gear.. actually you could say all the gear you need. certainly since I own Record for a few months.
    However the big issue with reason is always been the support of VSTI, or the non support acually. People want to use lot's of gear, harware or virtual doesn't matter.
    A good producer likes to experiment and wants to have the feeling that he or she added something someone else maybe did not.
    I'm proud owner of about every native instrument gear, all the arturia synths, the spectrasonics trillian, IK samplemoog, etc.. and really i'm using them in FL that I own for more then 2 years now. It sucks like hell. Fl is ok, really.. but doesn't give me the whole potential of the gear.
    Imagine the perfect workflow with those instruments within Reason 5. I would gladly pay 750EUR or more if you could achieve that propellerhead guys!

    fingers crossed!


  25. when it comes to using gear, I feel I shouldn't have to use workarounds and tricks just to make it sound good. It should already sound great, and any other methods I utilize should be icing on the cake.

    I agree with bro ben that Reason is great for most people. People who don't plan on mixing their own tracks and people who do not sample heavily will probably be delighted with what reason offers. One thing is undeniable: reason is rock solid, cpu efficient, and easy to use.

    People like me, who produce sample-based/synthesis based music and who have a background in engineering, will most likely find reason to be sub-par. The sampling lacks many pro features that come standard in almost all other software nowadays. Thor is fun and very useable, but not as good as reaktor, vangard, massive, circle, predator, arturia moog modular, etc., and nowhere close to my eurorack modular. the majority of the instruments are relics left over from the dawn of virtual instruments…

    the summing bus in reason sounds muffled when compared to most other DAWs. Gain-staging is tedious when compared to other platforms. Mixing utilities are useable, but not ideal. setting up aux buses and mixing itb requires wasting a lot of time behind the rack. rewire is buggy… i could go on forever…

    many people have become dissatisfied with reason and moved on as their needs grew. The reason why people like me are vocal about it is kind of funny… i miss using reason, and wish it suited my needs better. I grew up on the damn thing, and hoped it would grow with me. I currently use Live and a Protools Accel 3 system for most of my work nowadays…

    I have been a reason user since day 1 (literally) and wish propellerheads would listen to the forums more… there are many many people like me who want the same things.

  26. A more complex delay unit is the one thing I've always really wanted from Reason. A stereo mod delay or something along those lines would be a wicked addition.

  27. The developers continue to hamstring their product with its lack of MIDI out.

    Sure, it's a nice flexible bit of software, but they need to get over the idea that they are an island. There are a lot of software choices out there, and not being able to sequence hardware from their software – like you can with every other DAW – is a fail.

  28. I used Reason extensively until Live got VSTi support (and midi tracks), so I never upgraded past Reason 3. I've been having a great time just playing with the Record+Reason demo, so I'm considering it a no-brainer to get this upgrade, since $150 will bring me all the way up to Reason 5 + Record 1.5. I'm not sure how I will use it, but it is fun and that's all I want out of it.

    Also, I think the limitations [that everyone rails against] encourage a different way of thinking about music. If they try to open it up, they will make it more redundant.

  29. I can't understand why they keep building new effects and instruments for reason but don't add vst support. It's obvously a biggest problem in reason.

  30. I want to have the CV from the reason machines to be usable as real cv out , just plug the connector of the sound card to my modular synth cv in plug and so use the modulation and trig signal of reason to control modular synth. and vice versa.
    Just like the software Volta from Motu.

  31. OMG! For Reason 4 users like me, THIS IS BEYOND EPIC!!!!!!!!! I am definetely getting both Reason 5 and Record 1.5

  32. I think they should allow you to use third party VST and allow you to pull from other software like Logic Instruments and Garageband. Reason is to box with it own. I know it can become a Masses recording software

  33. the amount of work it would take for reason to accept vsts would require a rewrite of a lot of code. VST support will never happen in reason. It will NEVER happen.

  34. I'd like something simple.
    I've been using Reason since day 1 and one thing I miss from the old ACID days is the ability to zoom in and out of a track with the mouse wheel.
    It is very tedious having to manipulate the slider bar every time and I do that far more than I actually need to scroll down the keyboard.
    Maybe just a check box option in preferences?
    Anybody feel me?

  35. evey one is right reason works so well because of no vsti, how ever they should consider new instruments or just start making better combi patches and newr effects plz i also i beg midi out , sync clock and some how recycle type of sample editor built right in so i can drag and drop right from the same app!!!!!

  36. i have been using the beta for a week now and must say that as a seasoned reason user, i too am dissapointed. Propellerheads had a chance of coming back at ableton growth market with this release and they failed. In my opinion all ableton need to do is make the graphics look a little more user friendly and that will signal the death of reason.
    All reason really needs is a proper elastic audio sampler, audio in, and a monster synth and of course over haul the sound presets. If they did this then you could forget the old vst argument.
    the new kong instrument is great, i have no problems with that, and i suppose the octo unit is a welcolme edition, saving much, but still you can only have one of the octo sound running at once? why? whats the point of combining the capablities of eight individual rex files and giving you one back!!!!

  37. i love reason/record. it does require a little more to get the sound to be competitive with the sound that comes out from other programs. but, i'm appreciative of the process because it's the only music software out there that's close to how the pros did it 30 years ago. if you want your stuff sounding "pro" without the effort, then you probably want to go somewhere else.

  38. I hear a lot of complaining about VST’s and VSTi wrappers, but considering I came from FastTracker, to Propellerhead ReBirth, to FL Studio, then to Reason, I can honestly say I have no use for them since I can usually make the same sounds as most VST instruments by simply patching together elements. If you’re using Reason, and you aren’t into designing your own sounds, then just uninstall it and stop complaining. There is such a thing in Reason as the combinator, and the save patch button, so you can make exactly what you want, and use it later. As far as the strings sounding “grainy”, depends on which strings you are using. If you’re using the NN-19, then you should probably consider that it’s a recording of strings, and there is also filter settings that you can adjust to clear up the problem considerably, or get different recordings of some string samples. Many of the complaints being addressed can be resolved by actually doing the opposite of being lazy, and actually tuning your rack, and then saving the results as a patch for later so you don’t have to keep doing it. I have also tried Ableton, Logic, Acid, Cubase, and many others I don’t care to mention. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do know that when I make something, I don’t usually use default settings or sounds, and after making my changes in a rack, I save it. The MIDI out is achievable if you learned how to, and had the hardware to do it. It’s simple, you have drivers for the hardware to use it, and there is jacks on the back of Reason’s rack to do it. I do agree that Record should be IN Reason, and not a separate executable. But over-all, I see a lot of comments that are simply put, lazy users who don’t know how to get the most out of this product.

  39. I agree with this 100%, I also have to say that I agree with Domi Babi too. Isn't it time for Reason to add VST support? If you need to rewrite the entire program to make this possible, is'nt it worth it for the thousands of dedicated reason users out there? I like many other people became dissatisfied with reason after the release of reason 4 and still no vst support or midi out. Being a music producer, my job is to bring you the hottest sounds available and with no support for VST, I will be overlooking many of the new synths on the market. I can jump on a Motif right now and every key I touch will sound powerful and full without me having to tweak anything at all… why is it that I can't do that in reason? I have jumped around from different daws and reason was the most user friendly, but also had the least amount of features. I love the record program, but without any vst support, I don't see it going very far…


  40. they should rewrite the whole program if that will get vst support, it is just that important… What kind of electronic music producer doesn't use vsts anyway?

  41. How about being able to use your microphone or make it compatible with wav or mp3 files so that you can use pre recorded vocals and add them to the beats you spend hours on everyday making and not end up wasting your time? Reason 5 sucks and I will let it be known to fellow musicians.

  42. I finally upgraded to Reason 5/Record 1.5 and I have to say I can't stand the three-window interface. I already run dual monitors and there still isn't enough room on my screens. It doesn't allow you to drag window elements and customize the view … if i could put my Reason rack in the same window as the Record mixer (and use some of that half-screen width empty black space) it would be great … but it doesn't seem to be possible.

    I agree with the user who addressed the vst complaint. Reason has more than enough basic elements to create your own instruments and effects using the Combinator device. I couldn't find the right guitar in the presets so i was able to sample several different plucks of my acoustic guitar strings and assembled a realistic guitar with the effects that best matched my vision. Being able to save our own presets and package them is awesome too … I can email them to my band mates in another part of the country and be assured our sound will remain consistent.

    I haven't got the hang of Record yet. It seems to work fine as a simple scratch pad for recording initial tracks and ideas, but I'm still having to drop my tracks into another application to edit them.

    All in all, my biggest complaint is the inability to customize the windows. If they could do it like Photoshop or Acid Pro, I'd be satisfied.

  43. I’ve used reason my whole production career. So about 7 years. Nothing made me happier than the kong drum machine. But I recently got rid of my pc and purchased a g5 power pc and had to downgrade back to reason 4. I hate it. Please make compatible with power pc.

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