Chimera Synthesis bC9 Analog Synthesizer First Look

This video takes a look at the Chimera Synthesis bC9 mini-synth demo running an 8 step analog sequencer.

The Chimera bC9 synthesizer retails for £139.00. Note that Chimera is a boutique manufacturer and some buyers have had very long waits to get orders. See this earlier post for comments.

via ChimSyn:

Knob captions from 0:20 to 2:00
Button/toggle captions from 3:45 to 4:45
Jack socket captions from 6:30 to 7:30

4 thoughts on “Chimera Synthesis bC9 Analog Synthesizer First Look

  1. So far bC9 orders are getting delivered at a shockingly fast speed. He's also switched to only charging people when he can actually deliver a product. I've witnessed and experienced a lot of frustration with Ben, but for the moment at least he's doing much better.

    That said, I'm still waiting on my bCX that I paid for maybe a year ago. Given that I did get my bC16 recently, I'm feeling much more willing to wait for him to perfect the bCX. It's easier to believe that he'll actually send it to me one day 😉

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