Access Virus TI OS 4 Now Available!

access-virus-ti-2010-namm-showAccess has announced that Access Virus TI OS 4, introduced at the 2010 NAMM Show, is now available as a free update.

Features below. See the Access site for details on TI OS 4.


  • Stomp Box Effects – OS4 for the entire Virus TI line of synthesizers brings 6 more distortion flavors to the table, modeled on vintage guitar distortion pedals. Every one of these classic pedals is famous for its distinctive character and has been exploited by some of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. The virtual stomp boxes feature carefully modeled distortion curves and tonal characteristics and include tone controls where appropriate.
  • Mint Overdrive – The sound of this one just screams tubes – a very special kind of overdrive which results in a wonderful smokey tone. Good for achieving a subtle distortion effect whilst still retaining headroom for dynamics.
  • Curry Overdrive – A more extreme distortion – like in the original, this does not feature a Tone control.
  • Saffron Overdrive – The ?orange? one. A very harsh distortion, popular with the grunge movement.
  • Onion Overdrive – A big distortion effect famous for its fuzzy character.
  • Pepper Overdrive – A clear, powerful distortion that?s perfect for making leads cut right through the mix. Tone control to soften sound with a lowpass filter.
  • Chili Overdrive – A classic “fuzzbox” overdrive. No tone control, just in-your-face fuzz.
  • Speaker Cabinet – To compliment the new vintage distortions, a speaker cabinet simulation was added to the effect section. The new effect type greatly helps to fine tune the frequency response of any sound and to give it more focus in the mix.
  • Vowel Filter Effect – This effect is a simple and effective way to vocalize any sound similar to the way a talk box or vocoder would do.
  • Comb Filter Effect – The new comb filter creates everything from subtle, pitched overtones to extreme time-warped deconstruction of any given patch.
  • Arp To Matrix – OS4 for the Virus TI series introduces a powerful new feature that allows you use the arpeggiator pattern to modulate any of the parameters available to the modulation matrix. You can use this to create dynamic, rhythmical patterns within a sound, similar to what you can achieve with a step sequencer.

8 thoughts on “Access Virus TI OS 4 Now Available!

  1. I'm sooooo excited! Been waiting for this for a while now… Those demos sound siiiick.

    Access is an awesome company, and I'm so happy that they still support my original ti polar…

  2. seriously man! I've have my ti since it came out, and It's still my fav synth ever (tied with my voyager).

    Brook… i envy ur ti2… lol… soooo much lighter (and i think better looking) than the old ones…

  3. u right its been about 3 months lol but gotta love acess virus make awesome sounds doesnt afraid of anything

  4. I understood that. What's your point? The beta was stable and was available as a free download for months. Also, TI OS finals aren't necessarily more stable than the beta's anyhow, the betas often have plenty of fixes of their own.

  5. Old news or not, it sounds good to me.. A stable non-beta of the best virus yet.. That new comb filter is awesome.domi

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