5 thoughts on “Amplitube For The iPad Coming!

  1. would be nice if they actually released iRig at some point… Now they're showing something new! Looks great, but so does (did?) iRig for the iPhone.

  2. Am I missing something? Why would this application be remotely useful since you can't actually get a guitar signal INTO an iPad in the first place with any ease?

  3. seems easy enough to me… plug in irig, plug in guitar, play.

    i like the idea of my ipad as a chameleon of sorts, where it changes according to my environment. one day it's a drum machine, ten minutes later im reading email, now practicing guitar at the park, etc… very cool…

  4. I think this is a great app for getting unique sounds.. Yeah it's sort of a toy, not so much for recording I guess, but for practicing and jamming to some backing tracks or something of the sort I think it makes sense.

  5. This app rocks. Hands down, it replaced my POD for my demo home studio. Of course without the iRig it's kinda worthless but with it an amazing tool for hobbiest or recording guitar players.

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