Berlin School Hypnotica Synth Jam

Here’s a nice hypnotic synth jam, Viewing Paris from the Eiffel Tower, via attorks.

Technical details below:

Its quite warm in the Netherlands these last few days and the attic, were my equipment is, is even more warmer. But I managed to video this improvisation. Row 1 of the Doepfer MAQ16/3 has an 8-step sequence for the self-built Modular. Row 2 is used to gate the Ian Fritz All-In EG which envelope is connected to the Resonant LoPass Gate clone. The Formant noise is fed to the input of the LPG clone. Row 3 of the MAQ16/3 is shifting the Q960 sequencer which has sequences on row 1 and 3 which are alternated by the Q962 sequencer switch. Row 2 of the Q960 is connected to the Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter to modulate the frequency level. In the second part of the video the Waldorf Q Keyboard joins with chords and the Clavia Nord Lead 1 and the Roland XP-80 performs some improvised solo’s. The original video is somewhat more than 12 minutes so I skipped the first 2 minutes because I did not want to cut off the end. You can view the original video on my website soon.
My daughter Tessa is on a school trip to Paris for a few days and this evening she phoned from the top of the Eiffel Tower, which explains the title.

12 thoughts on “Berlin School Hypnotica Synth Jam

  1. I don't get these comments. What did you expect from a Berlin School jam? I mean what kind of crazy madness was he gonna get up to? A 64th note maybe? This is CLOCKWORK music. I mean it's not free Jazz.

  2. Well, *I* liked it. Definitely Berlin style. (Actually, I thought the Mellotron was a little gratuitously so.)

    Yes, it could have used more dynamics, but for a live performance (and clearly improvised)… great stuff. And the sounds were all quite nice. I'd download the track (for free), and it would probably see quite a few plays…

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