Brett Domino Reviews The Roland’s Lucina AX-09 Keytar

In this video review, The Brett Domino Trio’s Brett Domino offers his unique perspective on the Roland’s Lucina AX-09 keytar strap-on shoulder synthesizer.

Watch for the special “gig banana” pouch!

via musicradartv:

Brett Domino reviews Roland’s Lucina AX-09 keytar exclusively for MusicRadar, taking inspiration from Herbie Hancock and Gerry Rafferty along the way. F

12 thoughts on “Brett Domino Reviews The Roland’s Lucina AX-09 Keytar

  1. What’s so great about Brett is that he is a parody of himself and he knows it which is a bit confusing to someone watching him do anything for the first time. His sense of timing / editing is perfect for what he does.

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