Synth Goddess Jo Hamilton Demos New AirPiano Instrument

If you made a Venn diagram and labeled one side “synth goddesses of the world” and the other side “awesome new electronic instruments”, Jo Hamilton would be right there in the intersection, demonstrating the AirPiano.

The AirPiano’s array of sensors create a virtual matrix of keys and faders in the air above it. Each of the eight sensors can provide 3 keys or alternatively one vertical control fader. LED feedback confirms user actions and assures easy interaction and control. Custom software allows creative MIDI mapping as well as the assignment of Open Sound Control (OSC) messages.

Omer Yosha’s AirPiano is a new musical interface which lets you play and control software instruments by moving your hands in the air.

Here’s Hamilton’s A New Instrument:

The AirPiano is currently in development.  Hamilton was the first to get her hands on an AirPiano prototype, and she is helping to guide the development of this new instrument through her feedback.

via GearJunkies

24 thoughts on “Synth Goddess Jo Hamilton Demos New AirPiano Instrument

  1. ehh…jury's still out on this one. fun to watch for a while perhaps. but after the novelty wears off the music better be good. And, I want to hear new ways/techniques of playing that don't always mimic other instruments i.e. piano. In other words, what makes this its own instrument, and what will it directly contribute to music as an instrument in terms of applied sound? Will it inspire new ways of playing music or composing? Or, will it remain an intriguing and perhaps expensive mockingbird.

    Sorry, but I'm not terribly impressed with this artist's music even though the emphasis is on the instrument. I want to hear something new. Something where the instrument itself inspires music that isn't so predetermined. I hope that makes sense.

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