The Buggles Return, One Night Only, Sept 28th, In London

Trevor Horn and ZTT Records have announced the return of The Buggles, on stage for their first ever full live gig, 30 years after their international #1 hit single Video Killed The Radio Star.

Trevor will reconvene the original Buggles line-up, including Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia) and Bruce Woolley (Camera Club, Grace Jones), to preform their début album, The Age of Plastic, in full.

No tour is planned, no DVD or live CD will be released. The Buggles, along with some guest artists, will perform live on stage for one night only, on 28 September 2010 at a West London venue.

This event is being put together to raise funds for London’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Active since 1854, the hospital has a simple but very important mission: to add years to life and life to years.

Further details – including surprise guests, support acts, and pre-show exclusives – will be announced soon. You can register for more info at Horn’s site.

Any readers planning on making this?

4 thoughts on “The Buggles Return, One Night Only, Sept 28th, In London

  1. christ on a bike !!! im sooo there.. back in those days you would learn as much from the inner sleeve notes ( the 24 track listing ) as you would listening to the music.. fingers crossed they keep to the original sound & synths , like the recent john foxx gig where i have to say, it was just a pleasure to hear a CR78 that loud.. see ya there ?

  2. Did you go in the end? I really wanted to but I couldn't afford the ticket price on top of travel and accomodation to London. I was gutted to be missing it as The Age Of Plastic is one of my fave albums (I also like Adventures too). I'm very disapointed that he's stated it's a one off with no CD or DVD release. Surely if it was for charity they'd stand to raise more through DVD & CD sales.

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