Free Audio Loops & Sample Collection (1GB!)

Peace Love Productions has released a free 1GB collection of loops & samples in multiple genres, the PLP Taster.

Here’s what they have to say about the free audio loop & sample collection:

This is our effort to give you a “Try Before You Buy” option.

The PLP taster is a sampling of the many different genres we have to offer. Sign up and verify your email address. A download link will be sent IMMEDIATELY after to your verified address. This is a two part download containing two zips each being quite large so make sure your internet connection allows for it.

Genres include Hip Hop, Rock, Trance, Electro House, Deep House, Chillout, Trance, Techno, Dj Scratches, Industrial, Ambient, and more.

Note: Email registration is required to get the free collection. Details here.

8 thoughts on “Free Audio Loops & Sample Collection (1GB!)

  1. This is just a scam to gross in on e-mail addresses. I say steer clear from this one.

    At first I thought it was at least polite that they mentioned a registration was required. So then I skimmed the website to check for some kind of disclaimer telling me what they'd do with my e-mail address. Be warned here; an e-mail verification alone is NOT enough so it seems. From their support page: "You (the end user) must provide Peace Love Productions with your current email address In ordered to use the monthly 20 free loops downloaded from and You must also verify that you are receiving PLP newsletters. These requirements must be met to become a licensed user of PLP's free loop packs. As a licensed user you are granted the rights to create your own original compositions with PLP's royalty free loops and samples."

    SO the only way you can use their "free" samples is if you allow them to send you (its on the border, but this is what I think it is:) spam. As soon as you unsubscribe from their newsletter you are no longer allowed to use their "free" sound material anymore.

    Overreacting? I think not. Spam exists because of a reason. One of those is people being awfully sloppy with e-mail addresses. Theirs and that of others.

  2. i loaded these loops on ABLETON LIVE 8 clips,and my screen just freezes.
    so i loaded some other loops from another site onto LIVE 8 clips, and they crashed the program.

    okay, so then i loaded these loops into ACID PRO 7 and WORKS LIKE A CHARM !!!


  3. I think you are mistaken sir. I just signed up with my spam collector email account. I use this account for all this kind of stuff to keep a real email account clean. You do immediately get 1gig of free loops right away. The 20 free per month you talk about is for the monthly membership. The above is a promotion that entitles you there sampler. There doesn't appear to be any hidden hooks with this deal. Just use a bogus email account and get the loops.

    The 20 free a month is if you become a member of the site. That appears to be a different deal all together.

  4. The 20 free a month is a seperate thing altogether. Getting email promotions (and if you are downloading the loops it can be safely assumed you are interested in loops) in return for a gig or material is really that bad a deal?

  5. I think this was an excellent sample pack – kudos to PLP. And I definetely won't mind getting promotions throuhg email from PLP.

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