Face-Melting Haken Continuum Synth Jam

What do you do when you get the ultimate $3,390.00 advanced music keyboard controller?

Melt faces, apparently, as this Haken Continuum + Korg Oasys intro + Vsynth synth jam demonstrates.

via Space4Keys:

Haken Continuum + Korg Oasys intro + Vsynth Keyboard Solo ( space4keys patches )

Vsynth Jordan Rudess Custom Lead — S4K New Wah Lead on TRINITY


performed by Sion


8 thoughts on “Face-Melting Haken Continuum Synth Jam

  1. Oh my, what happened to the times when piano players wanted to imitate sax players? Somehow the results where much more intriguing than this. With the deafening background noise in this video it's hard to hear any subtleties in the performance/sound which, I thought, was the whole point of using expensive modern synths and a Continuum.

  2. those of you with the negative comments must be big headed guitar players. exspensive toys are cool and fun. hell cheap toys are cool and fun.if you new anything abou metal you would know its supposed to be loud agressive and without a lot of subtle nuances. its just rock and roll. cill out

  3. I think one of the things the about the continuum that is so amazing is that it allows keyboard players to perform those Pink Floyd-esque sweeping guitar solos.
    [youtube m9ohBMozCzI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9ohBMozCzI youtube]
    continuum is PERFECT for that
    yeah its expensive but its either 4k or the years of guitar lessons trying to get yourself to a level good enough to play solos like that

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