Free Commodore 64 Synth For Windows

Basic 64 is a free software synth inspired by the 8-bit sounds of the classic Commodore 64.

According to creator De La Mancha, “It’s not a straight emulation but is based around the SID chip with some extras for that 8-bit retro game sound, lofi gritty noises or just plain oddness.”


  • 16, 8 or 6 bit sound quality.
  • 3 oscs, each with their own ADSR envelope.
  • Oscillators can be sync’d and ring modulated by each other.
  • Pitch envelope modulation.
  • Pitch wobble option, for subtle instability.
  • 2 tempo-sync LFOs to modulate pitch, cut-off and pulse width.
  • LFOs have attack/release curves.
  • Tempo-sync arpeggiator.
  • Flexible routing to state variable filter (LP, HP & BP).
  • Envelopes can be reset or continuous at retrigger.
  • Monophonic or polyphonic option.
  • MIDI learn / MIDI CC support.
  • 128 presets by sinkmusic & WhiskeyPriest.

Basic 64 is available now as a free VST synthesizer download for Windows. If you give it a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

via MyVST

4 thoughts on “Free Commodore 64 Synth For Windows

  1. i loaded this and did a rescan of my VST folder in ABLETON LIVE 8,and i get the error message "not responding".

    i went to ACID PRO 7 and loaded this and it works smoothly.

  2. who would have thought that one day a Commodore 64-playing child would grow up and say, "I want my band's music to sound like this!"

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