MICrODEC Open Source Effects Box Can Be Any Effect You Want


Open Music Labs has introduced the MICrODEC – an open source reprogrammable audio processor.

In a nutshell, it’s a cheap digital effects processor that’s user-programmable. Here are the effects that MICrODEC can currently do:

0. 700ms stereo delay
1. 6s mono delay
2. 3s stereo ping-pong delay
3. reverser with crossfade
4. reverser with fading
5. gated reverser with delay
6. up-down sweep
7. chromatic pitch shifter
8. sampler with pitch shift
9. fullwave distortion with delay and lowpass
10. vco/vca
11. stereo panning flanger
12. flanger
13. chorus
14. stereo tremolo
15. mono reverb

That’s pretty cool – but if you want to create your own audio effects processor, or load up something that someone else has created, you can do that, too.

See the videos, above, for an overview and demonstrations of the MICrODEC.

The MICrODEC is available as a kit, with bare bones kit starting at $129.

This looks like an awesome DIY project – and it will be interesting to see what mods people come up with.

Think this could find a place in your synth rig? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Here’s what Open Music Labs has to say about the MICrODEC:

Have you ever been frustrated with the low audio quality you get when doing microcontroller audio stuff? Don’t get me wrong, the 1-bit groovebox has its place, as do all the fun 8-bit nintendo sounds; but what about a nice clean reverb? or sinewave generator? The MICrODEC is 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, and can be anything from a guitar effects box to a nice piece of test equipment. With plenty of ins, outs, and what-have-yous, it can be converted into whatever your heart desires. Run MIDI into it and make a monophonic synthesizer, or use the 6 seconds of sample time to capture found sounds for a pseudo-convolver.

The MICrODEC has a high quality front end which can take microphones, guitars, or line level, and an output stage which can drive headphones (although we recommend the TLC074 opamp upgrade for this). It comes pre-programmed with 16 functions, from reverb and delays, to VCOs and pitch shifters. With the optional laser etched case, it makes a road-worthy addition to any musician’s arsenal.

6 thoughts on “MICrODEC Open Source Effects Box Can Be Any Effect You Want

  1. I love that this is just a guy coming up with this, not Roland or Behringer, and that anybody can develop new programs for it.

    Now if I could just program….

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