Die Antwoord & Aphex Twin Live

Die Antwoord & Aphex Twin perform live at the LED Festival.

via orangewarrior

I spent this last Saturday at the London Electronic Dance Festival in Mile End . .  Generally not a bad day, bearing in mind that the British Summer involves torrential rain & grey skies.

Anyway, my main focal point of the day was seeing the Aphex Twin for the first time in roughly a decade (if not longer), so it was a great surprise to see south african rap crew Die Antwoord join him onstage for a couple of tracks (or, er.. organised shouting).

Unfortunately, the audio and video quality are mediocre, so it doesn’t really capture the event.

If you know of better quality audio or video from the event, leave a link below!

2 thoughts on “Die Antwoord & Aphex Twin Live

  1. The idea of Aphex Twin and Die Antwoord doing a studio album together is very appealing. Glad to see this, even if the audio leaves something to be desired.

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