Native Instruments Intros Reflektor Convolution Reverb

Native Instruments has introduced Reflektor, a new convolution reverb.

Reflektor is designed to create reverbs ranging from realistic physical rooms to fully virtual acoustics, as well as in-depth modeling parameters for creating unique spaces.

Available for use in the free Guitar Rig 4 Player or Guitar Rig 4 Pro / Essential, Reflektor features a flexible rack concept, integrated modulation possibilities and 60 rack presets ranging from standard applications to complex multi-effects.

Some of Reflektor’s main features include Reverse mode, which offers an adjustable position for leaving early reflections in place; the Dead-Easy Sync feature, which allows for syncing the pre-delay and decay both of original and reversed IRs, as well as creating beats or rhythmic effects; and full controls over depth, pan, and stereo width.

More than 300 Impulse Response samples, including high-end digital reverb units, real IRs recorded from actual physical spaces, synthesized IRs calculated from virtual rooms, and special processed IRs, are included.

Reflektor runs in the free Guitar Rig 4 Player including the Guitar Rig Factory Selection, which includes 22 additional modules.

Native Instruments Reflektor is now available for $119 as a download from the NI Online Shop.

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