16 thoughts on “The First iPad Street Musician?

  1. I thought being a street musician meant you need money to survive with your art. She looks cute with her little tail and her LSD glasses, but she is not "suffering" to ask for money. Is she asking for money to get the 64 gig 3G version?

    Nice sexy outfit. Fake street musician, at least based on the one i see in the New York subway truly struggling to make a living….

  2. street musicians rely on talent, originality or balls to the walls insanity. they have usually lead an eventful, turbulent life (their stories are just as good as their music)… and if ever they came across an ipad.. they sold it for drug money

    i see none of that here. what an utter bore

  3. To all the haters, isn't an iPad LESS expensive than most "traditional" musical instruments?

    Obviously the guy on the self-made bongos I saw on the street yesterday has got a cheaper setup, but I've seen many street performers that use instruments well over the cost of an iPad.

  4. to the non-haters: be open-minded, but not so much your brain fails out. all this crap about expressing oneself, blabla…. come on, this is an app that can only play right notes… how can something that can't go wrong, possibly be good? as some conceptual thing or as a live advertisement for apple, it's ok. but for a street musician, this sucks big time.

  5. LOL… this was one of the most silly/funny videos I've ever seen considering it to be a "street musician" … However, as someone pointed out the iPad can be cheaper or just about right about the same price as say a decent acoustic or electric guitar I know that for sure… Yet, you can find decent guitars, bass guitars and even keyboards for far under $600 if you look in your local paper or eBay type deals.

    Whether or not that doesn't give this gal any "merit" I dunno… I'm not the end all be all judge in what is or what isn't. I do know this video made me laugh pretty good though. 🙂

  6. I agree with those who point out the fact that an iPad is relatively inexpensive compared to some buskers setups…watching Gonzalo Silva play in Boston and NYC with a Steinberger bass and a mini PA lets me know that this a valid form of expression, and not always cheap. BTW – who says all buskers have to be impoverished? Sometimes it might simply be a means of reaching a broader audience (who may not always appreciate you)…

  7. Pretty dandy I think, however, the only thing that really bothered me was when the
    lady came and dropped some money into the case, the musician didn't even
    acknowledge her or give a nod of appreciation.

    I thought that was a bit rude.

  8. I used to busk and I was loaded, loaded I tell you, loaded as loaded could be. I would sometimes turn up in a park on Sundays in Amsterdam playing my Korg Karma, funy enough though I made no money, maybe people thought a guy with a 2000 euro synth didnt really need it ! People know the price of an Ipad, why give money to somebody with an Ipad when they probably cannot buy one themselves ?

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